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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tummy troubles

I think Henry's antibiotic is causing tummy troubles. I won't go into the details but something isn't right with Henry's digestion. This afternoon I started Henry on Florastor Kids, it's a Probiotic. I will call the doctor's office tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning if I don't see any improvement. I hope it's not Giardia. I've been bleaching everything in the bathroom just in case. If it's Giardia, I don't want Igor to get it.

Here are some pictures of our sweet boy at the Transitional house.

With Robel


Heather Brandt said...

We are having almost a parallel experience! Colin is on antibiotic for an ear infection and he is on probiotics (I started him on them the same day, though). He has been waking up with some gas problems...It could also be food related. We just finished diaper sample #3 on Friday for his giardia test :0
Hopefully it is not giardia for you all either!

I love the photos of Henry!


Danielle said...

Oh Candy! I'm sorry about Henry's tummy troubles! I'm so glad you posted again! I was checking like a scary stalker! The pics are wonderful. I'm e-mailing you now! Just feel free to respond whenever you get the chance :) Love, Danielle

Jori said...

I am so hapy you are home safe! I know Igor is a huge blessing and what a great time that your sister is there and you can have some one-on-one time! Praying for you :)
love, jori