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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sleep & Being a big brother

Did you hear this song this morning at 4:30 AM!! We did!

yes, Henry slept all night!! Okay, 4:30AM may not sound like all night to you but it is music to my ears! Rob and I high-fived Henry for sleeping all night and then daddy went back to sleep.

Getting up early has its advantages. Henry and I cleaned out the refrigerator this morning at 5AM because it smelled like pickles. I found the offending pickle jar and cleaned up the mess. Now the refrig smells like baking soda.

I hate to keep whining about Henry's tummy but I cannot help myself. While daddy was sleeping in this morning Henry had a serious pants explosion and I had to wash the bathroom floor. why do dads miss all the "good stuff"?

Igor gave Henry the sweetest kiss on the check this morning. I wish I had the camera handy. It was a wonderful moment of brotherly love.

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Kimberly Kulp said...

Oh goodness, Candy! Congratulations on the good night's sleep. I'll be praying for your little man's tummy tum and your scrubbing hands and patience!